Testi Abulico – Behind


Visto che non riuscivo a trovarli in rete e che mi servivano, ho riportato i testi dal libretto del cd:


and she leaves my town
I didn’t think she had gone away

and my heart is again alone
only God knows for how long time

all is done, see you tomorrow, I think not
future is coming now: not time to think the past


put a smile upon your face
she ask me why you are not happy
confusion in my head
destiny, protect me!

when I get try to do my best
I get try, I can’t understand
I just wanna loose my control
I wanna try but I might be wrong

everytime I loose my destiny
I don’t wanna know where you will go
I don’t wanna know where you will go
inside my hand
inside my wish of grey fields

I don’t wanna know where you will go
I don’t wanna know where you will go


open your eyes
see the sky that you’ve dreamed in your life
open your eyes
see the sky and your life it seems to turn back in time

there’re fears fixed in your mind and you close your eyes
it’s normal, my friend,
that your future is not what you’ve dreamed

open your eyes
see boys they’re playing on the street
open your eyes
see the boy and your life seems to turn back in time
when questions starts to be choices
now the mirror what shows?

and all that I want is to turn back
we were children just like to start a new life
it could be a wonderful, wonderful life

open your eyes
see your time that begin to run fast
open your eyes
see your time and you life disappear in the night


don’t sleep, don’t stay quiet
you have to start to run away, on a night like this
feel fears under your skin
they will stop your breathe, and your victim will see

don’t think to be the one
now starts the hunt, now the victim you are

lick wounds, freedom
is not for ever
and you’ll start to pay your lies living memories
and now is so real loneliness
in this dark room you’ll break out

I’ll remember this night for ever
I’ve not been so clever, maybe I’ll be never
’cause I know she’ll suffer for my mistake
I need to live passions but I swear not for ever

betrayer you had not enough pride
to abandon this town, and leave me alone,
betrayer now your star don’t shine
so abandon this town and leave me alone


and the world I see outside is not like a common place
and teenagers don’t know if to live or disappear
and the stars are ready to cry the end of the world
so please, belive me…

the river slides away, it never knows how end,
and dreames on its bank are writing songs
and believe me when I say exist another world
and so please, believe me…

levae the prisons of your heart…
try to fly, it could be so sweet, so sweet, hear…
hear the voice of your soul…
I sing today you are walking on my road

and the world I see outside is not like a common place
and peaople repair by the fear with tv
and the troup is ready to throw the atomic bomb
and so please, belive me when I say…


looking for a sign,
I live my life and I see only grey
I look outside and my mind pass by
all the young dreams to travel and see
all the colours of life

but now I’m prisoner
and I don’t find peace, I don’t find peace

I try to turn back in time,
I try to breathe remembering our first games
I find inside something I need to hide
probably I’m scared, or I’ve not the pride
to make a turn to my life
but when she gives to me her smile
I give up to my pride,
and I begin to make a sense
to this strange game
so don’t be shy,
I need we run outside
how hard is our trip,
how long I have to cry
to see you another time
now I can see a sign

but soon I’m prisoner
and I don’t find peace, I don’t find peace


you will not ever know what means life for me
who you pray, Tokyo eyes, is not what you have to hear
can you stay in my room on a saturday night with me?
we could spend the time without the fear of the future

you will not ever know what means life for me
what we need this time is mixing us in this lights and
so high the dream… is not for me I don’t know how
to fly… the fear… is not for me


and the world is like a rotten fruit
it hides a fragile root,
and if you could see what I have seen
you could change your lifestyle

well, I’ve seen city of angels, of God
but in a corner I’ve seen even a strange shadow
it ask me why I’ve choose the hard way

oh, where is the freedom
hidden behind me
oh, catch all by your life
but don’t let me behind, hide me…

and the world is like a tired bitch
she has to loose her pride
and if you could see what I’ve seen
I’m sure you’ll change your lifestyle


I don’t care about my game
my life and story is fame
I’m a genius near the net
ruined by my pride

so attracted by myself
to forget you eyes
now I live without a why
whitout a guide believe me…
’cause I ever act to appear

why don’t you take
another little piece of my heart
and you start to brake it
inside my wish, inside my wish
I never fight with you
up and down beyond the corners
and all the strokes I play with you
to have a peace at last

I don’t wanna loose myself
my life and story are dead
’cause I live without a why
without a guide believe me…
’cause I ever act to appear


wait for a moment
I’m looking for myself
I’m loosing my soul in a hole
the answer on your book
is not the reality
and I want to discover my identity

leve me out
and I’ve not choice I’m feeling so boring
leve me out or I’m just out

wait for a minute now
I’m looking to myself now
do you want to help me or to kill me?

leave me out
and I’ve no choice I’m feeling so boring
leave me out
and I’m looking for my self
yes I’m looking for my self

leve me out
’cause I know if I wanna go out
and I know that you want leave me out
yes I know and I’m feeling so sad


days are floating like my endless
dream to became a bird and fly to other lands
desire, born in spring
desire, waiting for my endless feeling to be sure

days are running into my veins,
now I need to have a chance to make another step
desire, born in spring
desire, waiting for my endless feeling to be sure

tonight with me
these words, be free
I need one chance
I’ll do my best

give me your hand
how hard is feeling lonely
give me one slap
to be sure


someday you’re enough
someday you are not the only one
in my life, I saw in emptiness
is my sky so cloudy and grey?

your time is running far
and I feel your heartbeats in me
but if you, got strength to try
and I really have to change my life…

but if you’re by my side tonight
I will really want to change my mind
and I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine
but it’s a great cold night
If I really have to change my life
in this time… in this cry.

! 🙂 !

Windows Live Spaces addio!


Tempo fa, quando (Microsoft) Messenger era utilizzato a pieno regime, qualche utente aveva attivato anche lo Spaces.

Si, Spaces, non MySpace.

Spaces era una spazio dove gli utenti potevano postare foto, video, pensieri, articoli, ecc.ecc., proprio come su un blog.

Potevano, perchè il 16 Marzo verrà tutto chiuso definitivamente.

Si, Microsoft ha preso una decisione drastica ma, a mio modesto parere, giusta: chiudere definitivamente tutti quei blog, quegli Spaces, che stanno li “a prendere polvere” perchè abbandonati dai rispettivi proprietari (passati a Fessbook…).

C’è un ‘però’: infatti potrete salvare ancora tutto o scegliendo di scaricare tutto lo Spaces sul vostro computer (c’è una comoda utility messa a disposizione dalla Microsoft) o trasferire tutto su piattaforma WordPress, su WordPress.com.

Se sceglierete di trasferire tutto su WordPress.com, il procedimento durerà pochi minuti e sarà tutto automatico, quindi non iniziate a disperare.

Io ho effettuato sia il backup offerta dalla Microsoft, sia un personale backup, sia il trasferimento su WordPress.com (rendendo il blog il più privato possibile).

Si, anche io avevo il mio piccolo ‘Spazio’, ma non ci ho scritto molto sopra: il primo articolo risale al 19 ottobre 2007 e l’ultimo al 5 aprile 2009, con un totale di 31 “articoli”.

Ecco qui l’avviso che vi viene presentato ora prima di farvi accedere al vostro Spaces (cliccate per ingrandire):


Prima del trasferimento (cliccate per ingrandire):

Prima trasferimento

Dopo il trasferimento (cliccate per ingrandire):

Dopo trasferimento


Lo stile dello Spaces quando era sullo Spaces me lo fece una mia amica che era specializzata nella “decorazione” degli Spaces.

Che dire: procedete al più presto al salvataggio del vostro Spaces, se ci tenete.

Ricordo che il termine scade il 16 Marzo (tra meno di tre giorni).

! 🙂 !


Ps.: giusto ad onore di cronaca: in quei tempi molti utenti utilizzavano gli Spaces come propri siti: quante volte mi è capitato di cercare delle guide e di ritrovarmi su uno Spaces (soprattutto in caso di guide inerenti agli Spaces o a Messenger).

Ps.2: sempre ad onore di cronaca, l’indirizzo era così: nome_utente.spaces.live.com/default.aspx .